I usually spent my days off from work at home just lying in my bed, sleeping the day away. That, and cuddling with my adorable Shih Tzu (her name is Hennessy, by the way). But recently I saw something that might make me want to stretch out and walk around more: these Caramel Bear Slippers.


That's what they're called, but they're actually available in two other equally adorable designs: a fluffy-looking Sheep, and a frisky looking Hedgehog.

These novelty slippers fit most sizes, so pet lovers of all ages can wear them. I'm sure the slippers will feel as cushy and comfortable as they look. I personally like the hedgehog design the most, because my sister used to have a hedgehog as a pet a few years ago.


These slippers are available for purchase from Amazon for $21.99. Care to keep your feet warm in these?

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