Mimic Me


If you want something to keep your pet bird company as well as teach him some cute phrases, you've got to get the Mimic Me.


Mimic Me

Mimic Me


Unless you don't go out very much to work, or shopping, or visiting friends, your pet bird is going to experience loneliness. Unless he has another bird or friendly dog to play with, he can become bored, or even physically ill from loneliness.

Most birds sold as pets are social birds. In the wild, they live in flocks. Many of these birds, like those in the parrot family, are mimics, as well as great companions to their owners.

Training a bird 'to talk' takes a lot of patience and a lot of repetition, especially in the beginning of your relationship. Prevue Hendryx makes a recording device called Mimic Me that you can use to help train your bird when you're not around. And, perhaps more importantly, it will allow him to hear your voice and reduce his loneliness.



Of course, nothing replaces you, but the Mimic Me at least replicates your voice. Other items, such as interactive bird toys, can help reduce your bird's boredom. 

If you want your bird to talk, the Mimic Me is a very helpful gadget. As for keeping your bird company, I play Birdsong Radio or a radio station that plays light music. But nothing replaces you in a pet bird's life. Before buying a bird as a pet, remember that they are emotional creatures and can be very dependent.  Getting a companion bird as company for him may not be his desire at all, as they can be very jealous of each other.


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