Whether your cat is an indoor or outdoor kitty, any of your feline friends would appreciate their own designer KatKabin. Just look at those cute pointed ears and plastic-molded whiskers!


The KatKabin is a tubular cat-condo that provides shelter, privacy and a comfortable place for a cat to relax. Its modular design was intended to adapt for a cat’s needs throughout the year. For example, the legs that raise the pod off of the ground keep the floor of the KatKabin from getting cold, and its oval design circulates warm air evenly in kitty’s vacation home. Indoor adventurers will take full advantage of the newer SkratchKabin model’s adorable toy hanger and outer layer of sturdy scratching material.


Each KatKabin is versatile as it needs to be with a variety of trendy colors, removable cat flap doors, cozy oval cushions, models with one or two doors, and the option of adding a toasty electric warming pad to the already comfy KatKabin. Personally, I’m a fan of the Devine Purple model, but the Forest Green and Starlet Red KatKabins are easy on the eyes too.


Whether you need to keep an eye on your backyard explorer with a highly visible Hot Pink home, or are looking to upgrade Mittens’ standard pet bed, check out the following links to discover the KatKabin that’s right for the two of you:

KatKabin DezRez – Chocolate Brown, Forest Green, Divine Purple, Royal Blue, Starlet Red, Hot Pink

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