Kabang is a shepherd mix that was adopted a few years ago as a stray puppy in the Philippines. She suffered extensive damage to her nose and upper jaw when she intercepted a motorcycle that was about to crash into two children.

Kabang The Hero Canine

Her story begins a few years ago when a man named Rudy Bunggal adopted her rand took her home. One day soon after, his 9 year-old daughter, Dina and her 3 year-old cousin, Princess Diansing, were attempting to cross a busy street in Zamboanga City in the Philippines, unaware that they were in the perilous path of an approaching  motorcycle. Kabang saw the danger and jumped at the bike, knocking it over. Eye-witnesses told authorities that the children did not see the motorcycle and would have been seriously if not fatally injured had the dog not jumped into action. The cycle driver and the children sustained only minor bruises, but poor Kabang, whose face got caught in the front wheel of the motorcycle, suffered extensive injuries to her nose and jaw. (See: Chihuahua Mix Saves Owner from Oncoming Train.)


Kebang's Terrible Injuries
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Her Owner Refused To Euthanize Her

Her injuries  were severe, but her owner could not let her go after she saved the lives of two children, one of them his own. The Philippine press hailed her as a hero. She had difficulty eating, but otherwise continued living normally and even became pregnant. Over time, however, her mouth became infected and veterinarians knew that as long as it remained open, the risks were high for other medical issues to arise. They gave her antibiotics, which helped for a while, but repairing her face became necessary to her survival and was beyond the financial means of the Bunggal family. (See: Pit Bull Rescues Unconscious Owner From Oncoming Train.)

Help Arrives From the United States

Karen Kenngott, a nurse from Upstate New York, saw Kabang's story on the Internet  and decided to get involved. Her initial efforts to organize a grassroots fund-raiser called: Care for Kabang, were unsuccessful, but reinforcements came  from The Animal Welfare Coalition, who relaunched the campaign and reached their financial goal within one month. Publicity came along with the project and sweet Kabang became an international hero. According to her owner: "She has become a super star. People  come here to have their photos taken with her." (See: Cat Named Tink Saves Family From Fire.)

Kabang Receives Special Surgery

The dog was transported to the William R. Pritchard Veterinary Medical Training Hospital at The University of California. Testing revealed that she suffered from both heart worms and cancer in addition to her other horrible injuries. Kabang began chemotherapy and her subsequent reconstructive surgery, which cost $27,000, was a complete success. She returned home to a hero's welcome.  See: Guide Dog And Blind Man Fall On Subway Tracks)


Kebang After Surgery
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According to veterinarian, Anton Lim: "Kabang is as normal as she can be. She doesn't need any special medication. Aside from the prosthetic, she's normal." (See: Retriever Saves Owner From Devastating Accident.)

Good job, Kabang!

You are a true hero.

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Source: PRI.org