If you're lucky enough to have a "senior" dog, your vet may have told you that your dog has specific kidney or bladder issues: they are common in older dogs. Here's a natural cranberry/herbal supplement that has a great track record supporting renal health.


K9 Natural Bladder & Kidney Support

K9 Natural Bladder & Kidney Support


K9 Natural Bladder & Kidney Support has helped a lot of dogs with renal issues, according to its reviews. Pet parents report being very pleased with the results. If you read the reviews, you would think that the company paid fiction writers to create them! But no, the reviews are real, and you know they are real because they read just like grateful dog owners. Many of the comments are touching and appreciative to K9 Natural for making a product that helped their best friends.

Here are some quips I'll quote:

"It helps both the kidney and urinary tract so we don't have to buy 2 separate supplements."

"...this has helped so much with her energy."

"...she hasn't had any problems after the about a week on this. I am very pleased."

There are many more comments like this from customers, and I advise you to look them over if you want to be touched by some special reviews.


K9 Nature's Bladder & Kidney Support

K9 Natural Bladder & Kidney Support


Cranberries are known to positively affect kidney and bladder conditions, and they are the first ingredient in K9 Nature Bladder & Kidney Support. Cranberries are "a trusted source of antioxidants that prevent bacteria adherence and reduce the chances of stone formation."

Other major ingredients include:

  • nettle seed and licorice herbs, both anti-inflammatory;
  • astragalus, which maintains normal blood pressure and boosts immunity; and
  • marshmallow root, which slows down the breakdown of tissues and maintains kidney function.


All these natural ingredients boost natural immunity. The ingredients are sourced in the US and the product is made in the US as well.

The K9 Natural Bladder & Kidney Support are dog-tasty and crumbly. You can feed them whole or break them up into your dog's food.


P.S. If your dog has bladder, kidney or any urinary tract issue, be sure to include a good salmon oil in your dog's food.


That's the buzz for today!

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