K9 Garage Door Kennel Net

K9 Garage Door Kennel Net


Boredom is a big issue for stay-at-home dogs. They need fresh air and stimulation that the outdoors can provide. But not everyone has a fenced in yard, and even if they do, it may not be the safest place for a dog. (Think Toy Poodle, not German Shepherd.) I have a fenced-in yard and I pick up coyote poop from it every morning, if you get my drift.

But this K9 Garage Door Kennel Net is a brilliant idea to keep coyotes away and your dog safe from other critters too. It also protects him from bad weather, too much sun, and theft. Your dog can have some excitement without the dangers of being outside.


K9 Garage Door Kennel Net

K9 Garage Door Kennel Net


Made of heavy duty braided nylon, it couples with cam straps and snap hook fasteners positioned at twelve secure points to anchor and firmly hold the net in place. The net is attached to wall mounted brackets on both sides of the garage door.

The K9 Garage Door Kennel Net fits one-car and two-car garages and fits within your garage door-opening railing system.


K9 Garage Door Kennel Net


The net comes with a one-year manufacturer's warranty. A Youtube installation video is available to help you install the K9 Garage Door Kennel Net It is recommended that the net be employed only when you are at home!


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