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One of K9 Cinema mascots


If your dog isn't doing anything Saturday night, you might consider taking her to a movie if you live in Plano, Texas. K9 Cinemas (K9C for short) is the perfect spot for you both. Comfy seats for humans, and a nice smooth floor for your 'date' to spread out. 2018 really is the Year Of The Dog!

Entrepreneur Eric Lankford just opened K9C, the first movie theater in the U.S. devoted to dogs and their owners.

K9C, which opened on December 7, will show older movies. This month, for example, you and your pup can watch Home Alone or Elf. The theater, for now, will only be open on weekends, but who knows? If it catches on....

The theater requires a few things, you know, like taking your pup out when it's 'necessary.' Also, patrons must agree to the following 'doggone rules:'

K9 Cinema's rules for dogs


Not a lot to ask... But you also have to agree not to hold the theater responsible for anything that might happen to your dog while in the theater.

K9C has more to offer than a movie. It has an online canine toy shop and T-shirts for dog moms and pops. All proceeds from the pet shop go to local shelters for animals and people! And the theater offers snacks for humans and canine companions. Friends in Plano? You can buy them a pretty gift certificate to K9C online.

I hope K9C catches on! I'd love to bring my pup to a movie.

If you attend a movie at the K9C, fill in a comment section below and let us know how you (and pup) liked it! Also, K9C has just put up a GoFundMe page to raise money for a permanent K9C theater. If you would like to contribute, visit this page.


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