Need more horsepower? Get a horse! Automobiles may have won the personal transportation wars over a century ago but sometimes, somewhere, the noble steed still wins the odd battle. These 10 modern horse drawn carriages highlight some of the victors along with the vanquished.  


10) No Rush In Russia

We've heard of a Moscow Mule but this is ridiculous. One might say the driver's saving on gas but considering this vehicle is front-hoof-drive, he'd better keep the windows rolled up and NOT light any cigarettes. (Horse Beats Car image via Myside Spew)


9) Road Hog... or Something

Another entry from Eastern Europe, a place that makes the troubled Eurozone look like paradise. We can't wait to see him try and pass a semi... if it's pulled by a 20-mule team he just might make it. (Horse Beats Car image via TensionNOT)


8) Mongo Returns

Nice paint job there, buddy, and we don't mean you, Old Paint. Nice to see our old friend and Wild West menace Mongo's moving up in the world, having traded in his ox for something a tad more road-worthy. (Horse Beats Car image via Artcar)


7) Drive, er, Ride-Thru

“Gimme three Happy Meals and a bag of McOats, very nice!” Borat may have hailed from Kazakhstan but Sasha Baron Cohen filmed scenes of his alter-ego's home village of Glod (“Mud”) in Romania... and this is why. (Horse Beats Car image via Funnyphotos)


6) Dacia-Backwards

Something's wrong here but we just can't put our finger on it... or at least, we don't know where to start. Suffice to say this is one Dacia that can reverse faster than most Dacias can travel forward. (Horse Beats Car image via Roll Global)


5) Call Me a Cab

Whew, that's one tacky taxi! Double-whew, the owner should've kept the firewall when he made the conversion to organic power. Let's fervently hope he hasn't been feeding Rusty any Beefarino. (Horse Beats Car image via Daily Haha)


4) Tick Magnet

In an earlier stage of life, this snazzy red coupe must have been quite the chick magnet. Today it's more like a tick magnet. Even so, it's got twin-equine power and eight-on-the-floor going for it, which is nice. (Horse Beats Car image via Amazing Pictures)


3) The Making Of...

Ever wonder how these weird horse/car hybrids were made? Well, the truth is pretty much what you might imagine – not exactly an assembly line now is it?  (Horse Beats Car image via Bits and Pieces)


2) Mercedes Bends

When German engineering meets Italian stallions (actually Kosovo clip-cloppers), the result ain't gonna be pretty. Let's call this one a draw and hope both Merc and mares get repaired & road-ready as soon as possible. (Horse Beats Car image via MTcowgirl)


1) My Other Mustang is a Car

Why put the horse before the car(t)? Why indeed, but how will he explain his reticence when the cops pull him over for having an upside-down license plate? “Sorry officer, I'm a little horse!” (Horse Beats Car image via Glossario Tullico)



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