There are more than 300 members of the parrot family and many of them, from the large macaw to the budgerigar (budgie Parakeets), make wonderful pets.  Parrots are very social birds and they love to explore and, of course, "talk."  But anyone who owns a pet parrot knows that these highly intelligent birds need a lot of interaction, companionship, and challenging toys to keep them happy and healthy.

The Jungle Talk, Talk 'n Play "cell phone," which comes in two sizes, is a very special toy for pet birds, from the parakeet to the Amazon.  My 'keet has a small one, and I bought a large size for my cockatiel. When the Talk 'n Plays are introduced to their cages or play gyms, they are overtaken with joy, and me with hysterical laughter.

The attraction of the Talk 'n Play is that it makes sound, in fact phrases like "I love you," "hello," "ha ha ha ha," and "calling all birds."  After several days of getting to know their new toy, pecking the buttons, watching them light up, and listening to their sounds, your bird may eventually imitate the sounds, like my own birds.  Even if they don't repeat the sounds, they are attracted to the toy, and really seem to enjoy having control of the light and sound.   At least my cockatiel seems to know which message goes with which button.

Of course, the Talk 'n Play is not a substitution for your companionship with your bird and, for that reason, I recommend leaving it with your bird for only one or two hours a day.  They can get addicted to it, which will change their entire relationship with you.

Also, it seems easier for them to press the buttons with their beaks when the toy is lying flat, rather than hanging. But if you do hang the Talk 'n Play in the cage, make sure it is leaning against a cage wall to offer some resistance when your bird presses the buttons. carries the small and large Jungle Talk, Talk 'n Play cell phone for birds.


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