A hungry black bear from Minnesota thought he had a large metal cream can licked but it seems the can had other ideas.  

Jaws Of Life Free Jaws Of Bear From Cream Can

“Hello, do you have Black Bear in a can?” They sure did, until the Roseau (Minnesota) Fire Department rescued a 150-pound bruin from his perilous predicament. According to Eric Benjamin, a Conservation Officer with the Minnesota Department of Natural Resources, the report came from a farm about 4 miles northwest of Roseau.

Jaws Of Life Free Jaws Of Bear From Cream Can

The farmer had gone to check out an odd noise coming from his yard, and discovered the bear with its head wedged into an old 10-gallon metal cream can. It's not stated whether the can had any cream inside, and the bear sure ain't talkin'... before or after it was rescued.

In any case, the hungry critter got himself caught snugger than a bug in a rug. When Benjamin arrived at the farm, he noted the bear was hyperventilating and in obvious distress. “That bear's head was way too big to get inside that thing,” commented Benjamin. “I don't even know how he did it.”

Jaws Of Life Free Jaws Of Bear From Cream Can

Both he and the farmer tried pulling the can off its head – don't try that at home, kids (or anyone) – and even a liberal application of cooking oil wouldn't budge the jug. After drilling three holes in the jug to improve air flow, they called upon the Roseau Fire Department who brought an essential tool used to free accident victims from auto wrecks: the Jaws of Life!

The fire fighters managed to immobilize the bear by rolling it up in a tarp. Applying the Jaws of Life in the prescribed manner, they “made three cuts with the jaws of life and then used the spreaders to spread the can open,” according to Benjamin. “At that point, we were able to pull the can off the bear's head.” Now breathing easily, the former Jughead Bear gave his rescuers a “kthxbye” look before charging into the nearby woods.