Although this sweet dog has passed, her life was memorable and worth re-telling.

Jasmine had a rough beginning

She was only a puppy when the police found her locked in a shed and abandoned. She was  terrified, mange-ridden and emaciated. The owner of the sanctuary found her in an RSPCA in Coventry and took her back with him. At first, because she was so neglected, she was very fearful of humans, and would cower whenever the owner, Geoff Grewcock, came close to her. But then with nurturing and true affection, she blossomed into the goodwill ambassador for the sanctuary. (See: Merel The Service Dog.)

In Grewcock's own words: "She was no ordinary rescue dog, she was the most amazing Greyhound in the world! First thing in the morning, she'd go around to each cage and make sure everyone was alright. Jasmine instinctively knew how to be with animals of all species and in all conditions, letting spring chicks sit on her nose and back or strolling around with the foxes. With the injured and frightened, Jasmine would sit next to them and nuzzle, even rousing a baby deer named Bramble from a coma." (See: Blind Dog Teaches Children To See.)

Jasmine With Bramble the Fawn

Jasmine extended her role as animal ambassador to include surrogate mother

It really seemed as if this gentle animal was born for the role of surrogate mother for she played it many times. Her list of "orphans" include: five fox cubs, four badger cubs, fifteen chicks, eight guinea pigs, two stray puppies, fifteen rabbits and one roe deer fawn. See; Homeless Russian Cat Saves Abandoned Baby.)

Jasmine With Roxy the Fox
Jasmine and Roxy

One of her most memorable achievements  concerned a baby fox that was brought to the sanctuary. Some uncaring person tied the poor little thing to a railing and left it  to perish. There was little hope  until sweet Jasmine approached the little basket holding the cub and began to lick her. Grewcock was amazed at the sight of the little fox responding to her touch. He knew then that Jasmine was treating this baby the way its mother would have in the wild. (See: Sassy the Chihuahua

The fox grew strong and with her strength came a deep love for "surrogate mommy" Jasmine. She, even more than than all the other animals, missed the greyhound after she passed away a few years ago. Her gentle and loving spirit have enhanced the lives of all who ever knew her, whether walking on two legs or four.

Jasmine and Friends
Jasmine and Friends

Rest in peace, sweet greyhound.

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