Read more about Jake, a six-year-old Black Lab, who pulled a 12-year-old boy  to safety from the swift and deadly currents of the Platte River.

Near Tragedy Almost Occurs At A Family Picnic

It was a warm day in June a few years ago when Diane Bailey was absorbed in preparing for a family picnic beside the Platte River. Her son, Tony, went off to the river to wade, which from the shore appeared to be about waist high.(See: Pod Of Dolphins Save Lifeguard and Family From Shark Attack.)

But the current was very strong and Tony became dangerously caught up in it. He was helpless and could feel himself being pulled under the surface of the water. He tried to call for help, but his cries went unheeded because the wind had shifted direction and was too shrill for human ears to capture. (See:Beluga Whale Saves Drowning Diver.)

Jake The Black Lab Hears Tony's Call For Help

The family's black Lab raced to the river and charged into hero mode action. According to Diane Bailey: "All of a sudden, we saw Jake barrel over to the river... His burst of heroism was somewhat surprising because he is not a dog  who always obeys or even listens to us..." (See: Hero Dog Saves Michigan Toddler From Drowning.)

Hero Jake

It is somewhat prophetic that Diane Bailey and her family adopted a black Labrador Retriever because they are known for their love of swimming. They wanted a dog that could enjoy the water with them when they spent family time at their cabin on the river. It seemed such an insignificant factor in the selection of a pet at the time, but it would later prove to be part of a life-saving miracle. (See: Sea Lion Rescues Diver From Golden Gate Bridge.)

While making preparations for the picnic, she noticed Jake racing down to the river's edge, ignoring as usual her calls to come back. Some instinct she could not explain lured her to the river bank, where she saw her son flailing helplessly in the water. He was being swept away by the strong current. (See: Dolphins Save Drowning Girl. )

Jake To The Rescue

Jake dove into the water and swam to Tony, who held onto the dog's neck until he paddled them both to safety. Without Jake's intervention, the boy would have surely drowned. His mother and other family members watched fearfully from the shore as Jake rescued Tony. She told the press: "Jake doesn't listen or obey orders but luckily, we picked him as a puppy from a kennel that breeds Black Labs that like to swim." (See; Hero Cat Saves Yacht Owner From Drowning)

Bravo Jake!

Good dog!

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Source: U.S. News


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