Right now, you're thinking 'What now? What new doo-dad must I now have for my cat? But when you understand just what it is, you'll say, 'Oh my cats! Why didn't I think of that?'

With the help of a few different doo-dads designed to marinate your cat's toys in catnip, Jackson Galaxy is not only your favorite cat guru, but your cat's favorite catnip infuser!


Jackson Galaxy and cat

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Star of My Cat From Hell on Animal Planet, the popular cat guru has created a business that caters to the physical needs of cats selling everything from cat essential oils to cat toys to catnip to, of course, catnip marinating containers. And that's only the cat stuff.... Then there's the clothing for cat lovers!

But I digress....

The marinating containers sound unnecessary, given that you can sprinkle catnip on your cat's toys to refresh them, but the marinaters make perfect sense because they keep the cat toys - and your bed and your counters and your floors - clean! (or at least catnip-free).


Here are the two versions of the Jackson Galaxy Vault Cat Toy Marinater:


Jackson Galaxy Vault Cat Toy Marinater, size small.

Jackson Galaxy Vault Cat Toy Marinater, size small



In the next image, shown in the large size, you'll see how the Cat Toy Marinater works. You place the catnip in a pouch that surrounds the box. The toys go into the box itself and then you close the whole thing up with two latches.  Any material you place in the Marinater will absorb the catnip infusion in about 30 minutes, so if you want to put your handkerchiefs in there, you can become a cat lady or man!


Jackson Galaxy Vault Cat Toy Marinater, size small.

Jackson Galaxy Vault Cat Toy Marinater, size large


A Jackson Galaxy toy called the Denim and Sisal Twisted Kicker Toy is 11" tall and fits perfectly into the large Vault Marinater. Even though they are listed as small and large sizes, the two versions of the Cat Toy Marinater seem to be close in size, just shaped differently.

So far, the Jackson Galaxy Vault is popular among Amazon customers in theory, but some have complained about defective or missing parts.  Hopefully, these issues will get worked out soon, because the idea is so clever!


One more Jackson Galaxy Marinater is called the Jackson Galaxy Rapid Catnip Marinater


Jackson Galaxy Rapid Cat Marinator

Jackson Galaxy Rapid Catnip Marinater


The Rapid Catnip Marinater is to the Vault Catnip Marinater what a turbo oven is to a slow cooker.  You place the catnip in the base of the Rapid Marinater and fill the enclosed mesh bag with some catnip... Then, shake and voila! Your cat's toy will be infused!

The shaker is silicone, so it's easy to wash and a reliable material. The mesh bag inside is machine washable, but I would wash by hand.

Again, the packaging might give you a better idea of what happens when you use the Rapid Catnip Marinater.


Jackson Galaxy Rapid Catnip Marinator

Jackson Galaxy Rapid Catnip Marinater


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That's the buzz for today!

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