This Canadian shelter cat had made quite a name for herself

Ivy's owner, 72 year-old Mary Johnston, (if a cat can ever be owned, that is) stated publicly that  she never would have heard her neighbor's cry for help if Ivy hadn't gotten her attention. One night last fall, in the tiny Northern Ontario community of Tehkummah on Manitoulin Island, Mary Johnston was sitting in her living room reading when her two year-old Ivy started making a fuss. The cat would not leave her alone until she ventured outside her home to see what was happening. (See: Calamity Jane Rides Again.)

In her own words: "Ivy will usually lay on my couch next to my chair...She got antsy, and was pacing back and forth between the window and the couch several times, which wasn't her habit. Cats have much better hearing than humans...She heard these sounds of distress and it bothered her...So she figured I should do something about it." (See: The Cat Who Dialed 911.)

Ivy the Heroine

Ivy senses trouble and takes action

Frustrated, Ivy finally jumped into Johnston's lap and that's when her owner heard the sounds from outside that she couldn't ignore. She said: "At first, I thought what I had heard was a cat in distress, that deep growl sort of noise that they make." But when she  followed the sound to its source at her neighbor's barn, she found poor Eric Russell stuck more than 13 feet in the air. He had been  standing on a ladder repairing his garage door when a spring snapped, trapping his arm. (See; Sassy the Chihuahua.)

Johnston rushed inside to find his wife who immediately called 911. Johnston told the press: "The first responders got Eric out of there. He had quite a bit of damage to his arms and nerves." The doctors told him that he could have lost his arm and probably would have had they not been able to get hm out when they did. (See: Lulu the Pot-Bellied Pig.)

Ivy has since become a local heroine

Ivy has become quite famous and there is a joke going around that a statue of her may soon be erected downtown. Whether that happens or not, Eric Russell owes Ivy a great deal and he knows it. he has since showered her with all kinds of gifts to show his appreciation. She got a new cat tree and a basket full of cat goodies at Christmas.

But Ivy remains humble. After all, that's what cat heroes do.

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