You don't have to have a lot of space to do a little gardening --
especially when you create a fairy garden. All you need is a pot, some
miniature plants, and some kind of figure to make it seem enchanted.
This Miniature Fairy Garden Hedgehog is the perfect choice for getting

 Miniature Fairy Garden HedgehogMiniature Fairy Garden Hedgehog

This figure is as fun and whimsical as one would expect of a fairy garden and is just perfect for bibliophiles (book lovers). The little hedgehog is reading a book in the shade of a mushroom and can be surrounded with a number of plants to build a forest or meadow around him. You can add a strip of gravel or glass stones to give him a path or a stream to be reading by.

Miniature Fairy Garden HedgehogMiniature Fairy Garden Hedgehog

He is made of quality designer resin and is hand painted and sculpted in excellent detail. The manufacturer recommends spraying the piece with a colorless water sealant if you will be using it outside, and to bring it inside during the winter.

To order a Miniature Fairy Garden Hedgehog for your fairy garden, click here.

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