When you take your best bud out for a walk or to the park you want to have a few things handy: a couple of treats... a little water... your own keys and ID.... The CompLeash carries it all.


SitStayGo CompLeash

SitStayGo "CompLeash" 4-In-1 Dog Leash


The CompLeash even carries enough to go for a long hike or a day trip!  With a built-in water bottle and two bowls you can use to hold food and water, or food and personal items, or water and personal items... you get the picture.

And look how easy it is to carry....


SitStayGo CompLeash

SitStayGo "CompLeash" 4-In-1 Dog Leash


The leash, according to reports, is sturdy enough for a large dog. I love the water canteen, as I don't like my dog drinking from the dirty bowls at the dog park, and the canteen keeps the water fresh and cool, and clean from slobber, and you pour it only when your dog wants a drink. Notice also that the lid of the canteen forms a sweet ergonomic handle for the dog leash!

The water canteen and the two bowls are all made of food grade plastic, are BPA-free, and are dishwasher safe.

Not convinced? Watch this:



Just released, the SitStayGo "CompLeash" 4-In-1 Dog Leash has one of the highest customer ratings I've ever seen on Amazon.com.  Thinking about a Father's Day gift?


That's the buzz for today!

Lady Bee


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