There is nothing like having a cat keep you company while you eat or have spot of tea. With a Manmaru Cat Mug and Spoon you can always have a cat with you -- and it is one that is not going to beg, climb on you, or try to bat the food out of your hands. Bon apetit!

Manmaru Cat Mug and SpoonManmaru Cat Mug and Spoon

This cute ceramic mug bears the mug of a black kitty cat. In addition, the ceramic stirring spoon also has a black cat. But this is no ordinary cat spoon (is there such a thing?) -- the cat's front legs curve and hold the spoon on the lip of the mug.

Manmaru Cat Mug and SpoonManmaru Cat Mug and Spoon

If you choose to use this at the office you may want to hide it when not in use because there is likely to be some serious coveting going on.

Now, a cat may not be your animal of choice, so this mug also comes in a number of other animals. This includes a pig, frog, panda, rabbit, and bear. 

Other Animal Mug and Spoon SetsOther Animal Mug and Spoon Sets

To order your own Manmaru Cat Mug and Spoon, click here. To check out the other animals and other cool animal and spoon sets, click here.

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