It Happened One Night

 by Laurie Kay Olson

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Once upon an ev'ning dreary'

As I wandered weak and weary,

I stepped inside the bathroom door

To take care of an urgent chore.

In dim light coming from the hall

I stopped midway to nature's call.


There something strange lay in the tub --

Had I left something there to scrub?

Had playful cats lost some weird toy?

Neither one seemed quite right but -- boy!

My hand moved slowly to the light

Unsure I'd want to see the sight.

That curving shape could only be --

Oh, dear God, not now, not me!

Beneath my hand the light went click

Then suddenly I felt quite sick

And I really had my fright on --

It was someone's young pet python.

I shut the door quick as you please,

Swore a bit and crossed my knees.

As I put nature's call on hold,

I wondered what would next unfold.

Don't you fret and don't you worry.

The police got there in a hurry,

They took that snake back to his home

And I finally peed alone.

~ ~ ~ ~ ~

Strange but true. This really happened to me. My neighbor's pet python had gotten loose and found it's way into my home. It was about three and a half feet long. My cats were terrified.

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