This creepy custom-made “Monster Bug” marine isopod suit featuring a dozen spindly legs that move in unison just might be the scariest Halloween costume EVAR!

Isopod Halloween Costume Will Make You Curl Up With Fear

Everyone knows marine isopods are creepy both in looks and in lifestyle: these oversized relatives of woodlice scuttle across the ocean floor, searching for meals of whale carcasses and rotting ship's timbers.

Now thanks to Bev Shalts and Mike Petty of the appropriately-named Tentacle Studio, you can channel your inner isopod by wearing one of the Amsterdam, the Netherlands-based costume artists' most creepy creations.

Isopod Halloween Costume Will Make You Curl Up With Fear

You might not find any whale carcasses but you'll definitely leave a lasting impression upon fellow party-goers. Check out this short in-house video showing a member of Tentacle Studio giving the isopod suit a trial run, er, scuttle:           


Tentacle Studio has been a player in the costumes, props, masks and sculptures field for around 25 years so it's safe to say they know their stuff.

No price is listed for the isopod costume at their official website but here's a clue: a similarly complex and freaky Wolf Spider costume goes for £3,116.88 or just over $3,800. Now that's scary!


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