Although the entire house is a playground for Joy, my kitten pal, I thought that it was time to trade in her paper bag and cardboard box for some stylish and modern cat furnishings. Below are three of the coolest design teams I could find that exclusively cater to the refined tastes and levels of entertainment needed to please an animal that is occupied with that piece of that candy bar wrapper that you dropped on the floor last week:


Imperial Cat

Joy's rugged bananaJoy's rugged banana

Now when I adopted Joy, I went out of my way to give her a scratcher that not only allows her to take out her scratchy instincts on the toy, but doesn’t look like a corrugated mess in my office. I proudly present Joy’s favorite scratcher and chair: The Banana Scratcher! You know that’s adorable, and although Joy has chewed on the printed yellow fruit sides of the scratcher for just over a year now, the scratcher is still intact and ready for more roughhousing. Note that Imperial Cat’s decorative scratchers are also available in Crocodile, Sofa, Killer Whale, Cheese and a whole bunch of other fun shapes too!

Fun time!Fun time!

Urban Pet Haus


Joy loves perching her skinny self in my windows, but since we’re in the middle of summer, I don’t always have the blinds open for her. The line of Wave Perches from Urban Pet Haus solve this problem while allowing me to decorate the office with a curvy shelf for her to play an hours-long game of “Lazy Gargoyle” as she sits motionlessly watching me as I work. Keep an eye out for the Urban Pet Haus crew’s upcoming “Box,” “CC” and “Plank” styled perches too!


Suck UK

 Cool tank, but not Joy.Cool tank, but not Joy.

Remember that lame ‘ol cardboard box that I mentioned before? What red blooded cat owner wouldn’t be thrilled to replace their cat’s favorite cardboard eyesore with an airplane, fire truck, Catillac (Get it?) or a tank? I’m sure that Joy would clearly see the tactical improvement of moving her playhouse into a tank, and it sure would be nice to brag to my pals that my cat takes her naps in a battle tank… So cool!

Does your cat have her own furniture? If so, is it as classy as a banana, designer shelf or kitty DJ scratcher? Share your kitty’s favorites in the comments below!

Ok- You can stop taking pictures now...Ok- You can stop taking pictures now...

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