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So, after 16 years of having a big floppy cat, I now have a kitten.  I
had forgotten how much energy and chaos comes with this tiny ball of
fluff and razor claws.  Silly me.  So I brought "Princess" home (then, because I'm a Star Wars nerd, immediately added "Leia" to her name) and sort of figured things would be similar as when Buster was alive.  Oh, I was so wrong...

Attack mode engaged.Attack mode engaged.

That picture above is what I'm greeted with when attempting to use the bathroom first thing in the morning.  See that cute little face?  That is roughly 2 seconds before a full-on attack.  We're talkin' massive launch into the air, a hurtling ball of fur and fury--that then lands on my leg in a big hug.  Like a temporary furry boot.  Then--like magic--she's gone.  The only trace is the sound of scraping on the wooden floor.

Which leads me to Princess Leia's mad skills at Drifting.  Watching her run is like watching a scene from one of the Fast & the Furious movies.  She takes sharp turns at crazy fast speeds--and occasionally smashes into a wall (always funny), but then bounces forward and shoots at breakneck speed into another room.

Buster never really did stuff like this, even as a kitten.  He was sort of like the Buddha of cats.  Quite introspective and mellow.

Princess Leia is a fuzzy lightning boltAnd I must admit that this has added a lot of joy to my life.  I miss Buster immensely.  He was my buddy, my sidekick.  He was a lap cat loved by all that had met him.  And I strongly suspect that, as she grows older, Leia will be the same.  But right now she is exploring every aspect of her environment and really having a blast.  Well, except for thunder.  I live in Florida and when it hits around three o'clock the storms roll in.  And that's when I have a little black cat glued to my ankles.

We have a big storm coming in now.  And as I type this I feel lots of leg rubbing going on.  I look down and her expression warns me: There are monsters outside.  We need to stay here.

And she gets rubbin's and treats for being so brave and protecting me.

So what it comes down to is a full circle.  I didn't think I could be healed... yet here I am.  And while she's not Buster, she's definitely on par and her own little "person."  She's adorable and quite sweet.  And tiny.

So as one door closes, another opens.  And it is full of hope, fun, and beauty.

Welcome to your home, little girl.Welcome to your home, little girl.

Do yourself a favor--adopt a new little family member.  Here is a state directory of animal shelters to get you started: Animal  You won't regret it.

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