Introduce Your Household Pet To Your Household Robot

Today, it’s not uncommon for pet owners to fill up their households with lots of pets. Whether it’s cats, dogs, birds, snakes, rabbits and/or guinea pigs, today’s 21st Century lifestyle is literally a fertile breeding ground for pets of all shapes, sizes and species — particularly if these menageries can all get along with each other.

Now consider adding a domestic robot to the mix. How will Fido or Fluffy feel about that? Will that be one interloper too many?  Or will the chemistry be such, they will acquiesce once they learn there’s no threat involved? According to Mayfield Robotics, they are banking on the latter. In fact, they’ve designed their household helper, called “Kuri” to recognize the difference between pets and pet owners.

New Pet Trick

On the company’s recent blog posting, Kuri who's been under development for awhile now, talks about her newest camera upgrade. She is now savvy enough to distinguish when there’s a dog or cat in view, and assures potential owners this will lead to more adorable pictures & videos of their pets. This new technology will allow Kuri to understand the difference between a moving pet and a moving person, and will adjust photo captures in accordance with the subject matter.

Kuri Sees 20/20

While Kuri might resemble a few fictionalized robots we’ve come to love over the years, it’s safe to say Kuri is no Rosie, the robot maid from “The Jetsons,”, nor George Lucas’ R2-D2 of "Star Wars"’ fame. Instead, with Kuri, homeowners get a robotic optometrist/photographer that can see in 20/20 and shoot photos and videos in HD.

Her remarkable 1080p HD camera is fully configured and integrated with a precision lens that will capture images of high quality, similar to what consumers are now use to capturing on their smartphones.

Charming & Practical

Kuri is designed to be quite charming as well. Touch its head, and it makes chirping noises and looks up at you adoringly. Don’t know how your parrots might react to these sounds, but it might be a fun experiment to test, and capture on video.

It also has plenty of practical uses. It works with an app, but will also respond to voice commands. It can act as a security cam, letting you view live video when you’re away from the residence. You can use Kuri to check on unusual sounds or see if the dog is quietly sleeping on the couch or getting into trouble. It also works as a Bluetooth speaker, playing your favorite music and/or podcasts.

This robotic pet is currently available for preorders with an expected shipping date near the end of 2017, just in time for the holidays. The preorder requires a $100 deposit with the $699 price.