The Internet Of Elephants Uses AR To Get Up Close & Personal With Endangered Species

Over the past 40 years, the planet has lost half of its wildlife. The team at the 'Internet of Elephants' doesn't want the next 100 years to experience extinctions, nor more of our animals becoming endangered. To that end, they created a new game, called 'Wildeverse' to track animals that look real. The Augmented Reality tech that comes part and parcel makes this happen. Help defend wildlife, by collecting food traces, footprints, and even their poop. With the COVID-19 pandemic still at full throttle, you can use this game to create a forest right within the confines of your home.

Users can get their hands dirty by taking on missions in the heart of the jungle.

The Game

Wildeverse is the flagship product of the Internet of Elephants, which the developers have been working on since their successful Kickstarter in 2017.

The game is based on real animals living in the wild, and the people working to protect them. In the game the characters and the storylines are authentic -- as is what’s at stake for this wildlife in the natural world. The game serves as a platform to create empathy between broad audiences, endangered wildlife, and the organizations that support them.

The game provides users with a way to discover and protect animals in the last wild spaces of the world.


Wildeverse was created in close collaboration with the Borneo Nature Foundation and the Goualougo Triangle Ape Project. These two organizations are at the forefront of science and protection of rainforests in Africa and Asia. The IoE (Internet of Everything) team went to the jungles of Congo and Borneo to scout wildlife stars for the game.

Outdoors brought Indoors

Wildeverse was initially developed as an outdoor game, but game developers worked around the clock in recent weeks to make it suitable for indoor play as well during the Coronavirus, providing people at home with alternative ways to connect with nature.

Users can experience the following:

  • Wander through a life-sized jungle and encounter wild apes – all from your living room! The game is free and accessible to anyone with a recent smartphone.
  • Join a team of wildlife scientists and help them collect the data needed to protect the last wild spaces on Earth and the apes who call them home.
  • Meet Fio the orangutan, Buka the gorilla, Chilli the gibbon and Aida the chimpanzee – real apes living in the wild.
  • Collect food traces, footprints and more.
  • Take and share photos of your friends and family in the virtual jungle! Share them with us using #entertheWildeverse and #OnlyZooATL.


The Animals

The developers tracked several families of apes, spoke to scientists and rangers, and dove into the conservation data to create the most viable environment possible.

Four apes (Fio the orangutan, Aida the chimpanzee, Buka the gorilla, and Chilli the gibbon) were selected based on their compelling life stories and quirky personalities. IoE used this experience to craft virtual versions of the apes and habitats.

Take a look behind the scenes here:


Wildeverse is available for free download in the Appstore here or at Google Play here. Explore more about the game at


Primary Source: Wildeverse Game