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My senior dog and cat have taken Innovet Pet PurCBD for three months now and its effectiveness has encouraged me to write a review of the product.  Let me give you some background on my pets, so you will understand what this product was up against.


Nukkle's Story

Nukkles copyright M Per-Lee

Nukkles at 13 © M/P


My dog, Nukkles, is 13 years old. He seemed to be in great health until last year when he developed severe pancreatitis and needed two hospitalizations and a tube in his neck through which he had to be fed for more than a month. Around this time Nukkles also lost his hearing, though that was probably coincidental.

When this past Spring came, Nukkles developed a very bad allergy that was not controlled by his monthly shots. His vet, at the time, proposed a different medicine that only seemed to make his allergy worse and, during what could only be called allergy hysteria, Nukkles got tangled into a web of electrical wires under my desk and went crazy trying to remove himself.

Nukkles' back legs shook furiously from his hips down and, after the tangle with my electronics, he had difficulty getting up, down, and even walking. He was prescribed a medication which seemed to make his shaking worse.

I was fortunate to find a new vet at that time who took over Nukkles' immediate health needs. He gave Nukkles a shot of Cytopoint, which stopped his itching within a few days! We were told to return in four to eight weeks for another shot when the itching started up again. (It never came back!)

At this time I decided to stop researching CBD products. Many of the CBD products available for pets got high marks from pet parents, and it was hard to choose one over another. Finally, I just spun the wheel in my head and picked Innovet Pet. (It has a 30-day return policy!)


Innovet Pet

Image via Innovet Pet


I am very glad I did. Innovet Pet CBD did so much more for Nukkles than I would have ever believed possible. A friend of mine who remembers Nukkles when I adopted him seven years ago, says my dog is now just like he was back then at six years old when he loved to run, chase rabbits, mark every tree, bark at every dog that strode past our gates, and who won races against his younger playmates. Nukkles again loves to run up and down our backyard hill, an 80 degree slope, just for the sake of running up and down the hill. He jumped up the front steps three-at-a-time the other day! Every day he seems to get younger. He is a happy dog.

Nukkles doesn't scratch or bite himself anymore!  He's regained his appetite, and his back legs shake only when he gets up from too long a nap, and he walks off the stiffness. He spends more time awake and his eyes literally sparkle again like a Terrier. It doesn't seem to matter to him that he still can't hear!


Bella's Story


Bella copyright M Per-Lee

Bella at 14  © M/P


Bella is a neutered indoor-outdoor male cat who was feral when we adopted him 14 years ago. Although otherwise very healthy, he started showing his age about a year ago. He ceased certain activities like jumping up on my car to take a nap, climbing up the wall of the gazebo to sleep under the ivy plant, and springing from the roof of the gazebo to the roof of the house to watch the birds fly by. So I understood that he was losing strength in his limbs, and perhaps his spine, and that was part of aging. He also stayed indoors more, signaling to me that he no longer had confidence in his ability to escape or fight off other critters, if that was necessary. He stayed near the cat door when he went out.

I started Bella and Nukkles on Innovet Pet CBD, the same day, mixing the drops into their food, as prescribed. I had to do a bit of doctoring for Bella, as he wouldn't eat the food, so I added things I knew he really liked - Tiki Cat or a squirt of salmon oil. After I did that, he went ahead and ate the food with the CBD.

Within about 6 weeks of starting the CBD, Bella was jumping up on the freezer (32 inches) to eat and drink, jumping up to the car hood (3 feet) to nap, climbing up the side of the gazebo (7 feet), and jumping from the gazebo to the roof of the house (3 feet). At about 6 or 7 weeks, I took Bella to our new vet for a regular checkup, and the Doc said he never saw such a healthy 14 year old cat.

Bella is more talkative than before, and if you know black male cats, they talk - a lot! He plays with toys again, and scratches his post. He's just all-around more confidant, active, and, most importantly, not feeling that rear-end weakness he felt before.


Innovet Pet CBD


Now, not every pet will show these results, but thousands have given "pet CBDs" rave reviews like mine.

Two of my friends have used Innovet Pet CBD with their pets - one is a senior cat and the other a senior dog. The cat will not eat her food if it has CBD in it, no matter what delicacy it's served with, and because of the cat's age, the mom thought she'd leave the cat alone if she didn't want it.

But our other friend's little Pug doesn't mind the taste when mixed with food and, now about 10 days into the Innovet CBD routine, "Rosie is a happier dog," according to her mom. Her back and leg strength is also improving.

The pure CBD oil is probably the best way to give your pets CBD, and it comes in different strengths, for small to medium pets, large dogs, and even horses.  Innovet Pets has CBD for pets in other forms too, like capsules, cookies, and chews. My dog eats a steak and cheese CBD treat with his breakfast.


Innovet Pet Hemp Steak & Cheese Dog Treats


If you look up Innovet Pet CBD, you will see that it has about 5000 positive reviews. Many of those reviews are from repeat reviewers, and the reward for these reviews is usually a significant discount on their next order. I am not receiving any kind of compensation or reward from Innovet to write this review.

As I haven't tried products from any other manufacturer, I can only speak to the Innovet. But you can start giving your pet any one of a number of quality CBD products. Here's a whole page of products and reviews on AmazonPick a CBD that's 1) 100 percent pure CBD, 2) that comes from organically grown hemp plant and seeds;  3) that it is mixed with a natural and organic delivery compound; and 4) that is tested and approved by an independent laboratory.

CBD from the hemp plant has been shown to reduce anxiety, reduce pain, reduce some side effects of medications, improve mental alertness, improve neuro-muscular functions, reduce seizures, increase appetite, and other essential functions in dogs, cats, and horses of all ages. There is no hallucinatory effect in CBD that's made with hemp. Look into it!


That's the buzz for today!

Lady Bee


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