The Neko-jasuri Cat Groomer combines an ergonomic surfboard shape with a variably-grooved brushing surface inspired by the time-perfected roughness of your cat's tongue.   

Neko-jasuri Cat Grooming Brush

Some say the Neko-jasuri Cat Groomer looks similar to an overgrown nail file and y'know, they're not entirely wrong. The relation is actually more than coincidental: the manufacturer, Hiroshima-based Wataoka, has been a leader in the metal file industry for the past 126 years. Good to see they're finally branching out!

Neko-jasuri Cat Grooming Brush

The brushes you've been using to keep Ms Fifi's or Mr Tuxedo-Pants' fur tangle-free may have performed their basic function well enough but c'mon man, this is your BFFF (Best Furry Friend Forever) – your brush could be doing so much more!

To wit, the manufacturer is touting the Neko-jasuri Cat Groomer as a “communication brush” designed to help pets and their owners (or vice-versa) interact better. This concept isn't exactly new (see “Licki Brush”) but it IS a lot less weird.   

Neko-jasuri Cat Grooming Brush

In any case, the Neko-jasuri Cat Groomer appears to be a hit in the marketplace after winning a coveted Good Design Award in Japan. The brushing surface features narrow grooves of varying widths that ape the grooming effect of an actual cat's tongue. The model cats in the ad copy sure seem to enjoy it, and we all know how tough it is to get cats to act.

The Neko-jasuri Cat Groomer comes in your choice of gray or pink, and comes packed in its own fitted box. It measures 8.5 x 1.4 x 0.4" (216 x 36 x 10mm) and can be ordered online from OMG Japan.