Your cat gets her privacy, and the Door Buddy keeps your dogs and your toddlers from digging in her box or, worse, eating her poop!


Door Buddy

The Door Buddy Door Strap


In case you haven't already discovered this simple, but brilliant invention that gives your kitty a private space without having to reconstruct your home, the Door Buddy is something you should have. Aside from keeping your dogs and kids out of your cat's space, it also helps keep the door almost totally closed, helping to keep escaping odors down to a minimum.



Another important advantage of the Door Buddy is that you can provide your cat a top-free litter box, which veterinarians tend to recommend.


Door Buddy


This simple adjustable Door Buddy door strap attaches to your door on one end and the wall frame next to the closure on the other end. In between, you have an elasticized band that can be adjusted from 2 to 6 inches, depending on how wide your cat needs the opening. Just make sure the opening is not wide enough for your pup or your toddler.

If you want a little more security for your cat, you can even set the Door Buddy up on the inside of the door, as you can reach in to unlatch the strap easily. Here are the easy installation instructions.



Your cats will appreciate their privacy, especially when they're using their "toilettes," or taking a nap! 


Door Buddy

The Door Buddy Door Strap


Now, there is one more "catch." If you use just the Door Buddy on your cat's room, the door might be pushed shut and your kitty could get locked in. So the makers of the Door Buddy came up with a solution: a door stopper - a special door stopper that fits over the side edge or top of the door. Here it is:


Door Buddy Door Stopper

Door Buddy with Door Stopper


Made of flexible but firm EVA (ethylene-vinyl acetate) foam, the Door Stopper enables your kitty to push the door open enough to get in and out and not have to fear getting locked in or out. The Door Stopper can be purchased in this kit that includes the Door Buddy.


Door Buddy With Door Stopper

Door Buddy with Door Stopper


These simple products have lots of customers that are extremely pleased with them. Even if you don't have a cat, they may be useful to keep your dog or cat out of a baby's room or your room, for that matter!

Check them out!


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