Shake, rattler and roll: what a witness described as “The World's Fattest Rattlesnake” wasn't exactly the world's fastest serpent, barely managing to make it safely across a Polk County, Florida road.

'Incredibly Hugely Fat' Rattlesnake Slithers Across Florida Road

So we're fat-shaming snakes now? And no, we're not talking about Jersey-shore-hogging governor Chris Christie again – hasn't that guy (not to mention his swim trunks) suffered enough?   

In any case, the rotund rattler was snapped while shuffling his scaly hide across a rural road a few miles south of Bartow, in central Florida. Facebook member Cathy Covington Terry didn't get up close and personal with the voluminous viper; thanks to the telephoto lens she was carrying while on a birding expedition, she was able to identify it as an Eastern Diamondback rattlesnake.

“It was a monster!,” stated Terry at her Facebook post dated July 7th, adding “it was crossing the road right in front of us and it's length was about 1/2 of a 2-lane road, maybe a 7 footer.” Terry posted her photo again the next day with a cautionary caption: “People think gators are all they need to watch out for? Wrong! Be safe, STAY ALERT!!!”