Brodie Bowl

Elevated pet dishes provide physical comfort to your dog as well as better digestion. But the new Brodie Bowl takes a big step forward (and upward!) in providing better digestive health to your dog, particularly if he regularly regurgitates his water and/or food.

Brodie Bowl is the namesake of "Brodie," a little Yorkshire Terrier who was diagnosed with megaesophagus (or Mega-E), a condition whereby the esophagus, due to lack of sufficient muscular function and/or an esophageal blockage, prevents food and liquid from passing into the stomach where digestion takes place.

You can see in the diagram above that if a dog is hunched down over his bowl, gravity is working against moving his food towards his stomach where it is digested.


Canine digestive system

Canine digestive system (image)


After diagnosing Brodie with megaespophagus, his veterinarian recommended that Brodie's parents feed him on their steps with his food bowl placed above Brodie's body. This solution worked really well for Brodie; the problem was that the steps were not very portable, and not everyone has steps! So, after design trials and errors, Brodie's parents came up with the Brodie Bowl - now available for sale to other pet parents with dogs who have digestive difficulties and those pet parents who just want a more ergonomic way to feed their dogs (or cats), like pets who have arthritis.  This pet bowl also encourages slower feeding!


Brodie Bowl

Brodie Bowl


At the time of this writing the patented Brodie Bowl is being manufactured in size small (but a new tall model is in the works scheduled for availability by the end of 2018).  The dimensions of the current size are 16" wide, 10" inches deep, and 13.5" high, at its highest point. The food bowl stand can be adjusted to four different levels. If the step is too high for your little guy, you can remove the stands feet.


Brodie Chairs


The Brodie Bowl does not make any claims that it will improve your pets' digestive or other condition. It did help little "Brodie"'s digestion, and it has received great reviews from its customers to date.  You should contact your veterinarian before you purchase the Brodie Bowl or other adaptive feeder.

Brodie Bowl

Each Brodie Bowl comes with the adjustable stand, two 5-cup stainless steel bowls (standard size), and an easy-to-clean non-slip place mat.  The Brodie Bowl won the Best in Pet Care design award at INPEX, 2017.

This article will be updated when the large size Brodie Bowl is available for purchase!


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(You may also want to look into the Bailey Chairs if your dog has been diagnosed with megaesophagus. Again, your veterinarian should be consulted before making a choice of feeding bowls for your pet.)


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