It is nice to have a clean, colorful, and polished look to your kitchen
when things are not in use. These amazing and fun Frog Stove Burner
Covers add a great touch to your kitchen decor.

 Frog Stove Burner CoversFrog Stove Burner Covers

These covers are not your average metal covers. They are made of ceramic and have raised detail. The set of four covers the burners of an electric stove for a clean and decorative look. It is a great item for frog lovers or people with a lively green color scheme in their kitchen.

Frog Stove Burner CoversFrog Stove Burner Covers

When entertaining celebrities it will help make Kermit feel right at home. To order your own Frog Stove Burner Covers for yourself or your favorite frog-o-phile, click here.

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