Now there's some folks who'll put out the welcome mat for ya and that's
all fine and dandy. But for some folks that just comes off as a might
too fancy just for the neighbors and the kinfolk, so they might rather
put out the Howdy Doormat.

Howdy DoormatHowdy Doormat

What in tarnation, you ask, is the difference betwixt a welcome mat and a howdy mat? Well, I'll tell you if you'll just put up your feet and set a spell. It really comes down to all this -- there ain't much difference. It's just that while your welcome mats have your cute pictures of kittens and puppies and the like, the Howdy Doormat comes with a nice old horse on it. Just like regular folks and not them there city folks.

Just like a welcome mat it serves to help folks scrape the barn and fields off their feet afore they come into the fancy eatin' room or the parlor. Ain't no one here keen on scrubbin' floors. It comes made of your natural fibers on top and your non-skid backin' on the hind side.

Iffen you got the itch to be a-buyin' one Howdy Doormat, click here.

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