BAAPET Strong Dog Leash With Comfortable Handle

BAAPET Strong Dog Leash With Comfortable Handle 


Sometimes, as small as your pup might be, he can jerk his leash so hard it feels like it might break and you will lose him. And it can hurt your hand too!

If you haven't already learned this, some dogs never learn to obey in the 'heat of the moment.' And some of us don't have the time to even try to teach our dogs to heel. For those dogs and their loving owners, there's the BAAPET 5 Foot Strong Dog Leash With Comfortable Padded Handleone of the most popular and highest rated dog products on Amazon.

My two favorite things about this leash is that it's made out of climbing rope and its handle can prevent hand burn on a strong pull, but it's also only 5 feet long - what I consider to be the perfect leash length, even though most leashes are made either 4 or 6 feet long.


BAAPET Strong Dog Leash With Comfortable Handle 


But of course the soft comfort-padded handle on this leash is the major selling point, especially if you're going to get pulled. You'll note that the leash has two plastic leash clips that hold the rope folds solidly and the leash clip can swivel 360 degrees to prevent both you and your dog from getting tangled up. 

The rope colors are wide ranging from black to blue, green, orange, hot pink, purple, and red.
The white stripes you see wrapping around the leash are reflective threads for visibility in low light or at night. 

You can purchase one leash or a pack of two BAAPET 5 Foot Strong Dog Leashes in case you want to keep a spare one in the car. 

These are great leashes, and they are moderately priced (a bonus!), BUT if you've got a "puller," you better make sure this leash is attached to a sturdy harness, not a collar. These Ruffwear Front Range Harnesses seem to match the BAAPET leashes, colorwise, and are terrific, highly praised products in their own right.


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