A striking, blue-eyed Ragdoll Cat named Ófelía can't seem to decide if she's Iceland's leading feline supermodel or a sophisticated cat burglar... the obvious answer is Why Not Both?

Iceland's Most Famous Cat Poses For Photos, Robs Grocery Stores

Ófelía, who belongs to a local resident but is anything but a stay-at-home house cat, likes to hang out on Skólavörðustígur street in downtown Reykjavík. Foreign tourists might not be able to pronounce the street's name but they'll need to read it, at least, if their aim is visiting Iceland's famous Hallgrímskirkja church.

They may come across Ófelía on their way to or from the jaw-dropping, Expressionist-styled Lutheran church as they'll pass by the small, unassuming Krambúðin market where Ófelía will often wait just outside the front doors... ready to spring into action as soon as some unassuming human enters or exits the market.

Iceland's Most Famous Cat Poses For Photos, Robs Grocery Stores

As the doors swing open, Ófelía makes her move: darting over to the market's harðfiskur (dried unsalted fish filets) display, she'll grab a bag, rip it open with her claws, and enjoy a free fish dinner until store staff unceremoniously eject her.

According to Valdís Hrönn, Krambúðin’s store manager, Ófelía has repeated her kleptomaniacal assaults a half-dozen times to date. No word if her owner has compensated the store for Ófelía's fishy crime spree.

Iceland's Most Famous Cat Poses For Photos, Robs Grocery Stores

When Ófelía isn't planning or executing a dried fish liberation operation, she's content to rest her thieving bones outside the store where her arresting good looks have prompted passersby to snap her glamor shot – or should that be mugshot.

Ófelía takes it all in stride, never demanding payment in treats for posing for pics. Why should she when she's got the MO for stealing dried fish down to a fine art? (via Grapevine, DV, and Iceland Magazine)


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