If I'm sitting, my cat wants to sleep on my lap. If I'm lying down, my cat wants to sleep on my stomach. That has forced me to start sleeping, uncomfortably, on my back. Dare I get up and I'll hear about it!

If you have a pet, you're probably familiar with your pet's total, relaxed, weight on your lap.

Well, there's a new invention on the market that should work well to relieve you of the weight that just won't let you get up or change your position. The invention is called MYLAP™, and it was created by a woman who needed her space while recovering from cancer treatments. Her cat, like mine, wouldn't leave her lap - no matter which position she was in - and it gave her more than a bit of clawstraphobia.





The MYLAP Pet Bed Is a perfect solution! It's shaped like your lap. It's the size of your lap (more or less), and, when you put a pair of your own pants on the MYLAP, it smells like your lap!

This is one of the best ideas for a calming agent I've seen for a dog or cat. Items with owner's scents have been shown to be effective at calming dogs with separation anxiety.





Just clothe the MYLAP in your worn jeans, pants, or pajama bottoms and your pet has 'your lap'! Then tie the bottoms of the legs together so the MYLAP forms an oval, as if your 'knees' are together.

You can change the pants whenever you want to match your room decor or the seasons. MYLAP could wear your cozy flannel pajama bottoms in the winter, and some fine cottons in the summer.




And you don't have to worry about your pet smelling up the MYLAP Pet Bed. You can wash the pajamas anytime, and you can wash the MYLAP too in the washing machine, as long as you follow the instructions not to use fabric softener or bleach. It is advised, as well, that you use fragrance-free detergents, as you want the pillow to smell like you, not something perfumed. (Yes, you stink. That's why your pet loves you!)

MYLAP is large enough for pets up to 30 - 35 pounds.


That's the buzz for today!

Lady Bee


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