Hyperscrub Paw Cleaner

Ah, a foot massage!


I may be shunned for this, but I have to admit to being fascinated by the properties of plastics. In this case, it's what's been done with the use of medical grade polypropylene in the Hyperscrub Paw Cleaner.

Look at how fine the bristles are and how they are integrated together from different angles to thoroughly clean your dog's paws....


Hyperscrub Paw Cleaner

Hyperscrub Paw Cleaner


Now the Hyperscrub is not the first pet paw cleaner on the market, but it is different. And right up front, I'm going to tell you how: It's in the bristles. They are many and they are soft and they are bacteria-resistant. As you know, bad bacteria that our pups pick up with their paws can lead to all kinds of problems for dogs.


Hyperscrub Paw Cleanser

Hyperscrub Paw Cleaner


Now comfort is always important when it comes to a dog's paws, because I don't know about your dog, but mine have always resisted me doing anything with their paws. So sticking them in a vessel containing a cleaning liquid is not their first choice. But, heck, this one feels so good!

This is just one of dozens of happy dogs photographed having their paws cleaned with the Hyperscrub and a dog friendly soap.


Hyperscrub Paw Cleaner

Is that a smile?


Hyperscrub makes it's own soap to use in its paw cup made with all natural ingredients like coconut and olive oils and natural anti-microbials, but you can use your preferred anti-bacterial dog soap in the Hyperscrub.

Created by laparoscopic surgeon Robert Plummer, MD, and developed by he and his son Bobby Plummer, Hyperscrub's first canine customers have been thrilled to experience their foot-baths, and Hyperscrub Pet Care has surpassed its fundraising goal with almost a month to go. You can still grab a few items on Kickstarter or wait for the complete release anticipated for July, 2019.

Watch this spot and we'll let you know!


That's the buzz for today!

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