When it comes to owning or caring for something, we all have our own criteria as to what we consider easy or demanding. What one person feels is perfectly acceptable or even preferable another might view as less than ideal. When applied to dog ownership, there are things that most people can agree on regarding traits that make owning a breed more attractive.

Recently, a list was assembled with a view toward identifying the easiest dog breeds to own, examining a variety of important characteristics that tend to matter most to pet owners. While there were a number of lap dogs on the list, there were also three hunting dogs that made the grade, each for similar reasons. Check out which they are and what makes them so attractive to own.

1. Basset Hound

Easiest dogs to own

Considered easygoing, low-key and laid back, these medium-size hunting dogs are a breeze to train, patient with kids and do surprisingly well at sports—for having such stubby legs. Also known as people pleasers and for their general overall health, this steady-as-she-goes breed can run into weight problems if not walked regularly. If allowed, bassets have a tendency to be a bit lazy.

2. Beagle

Easist dogs to own

Another member of the hound family with a similar look as far as coloring and smaller stature, beagles are considered easy to own for many of the same reasons as the basset. In fact, these extremely sought-after dogs are consistently listed among the top 10 most popular breeds. Described by the AKC as "loving and lovable, happy, easygoing, and companionable,” they are active animals that love to play.

3. Border Terrier

Easist dogs to own

Plucky, happy, affectionate and curious by nature, the border terrier was bred as a hunter of fox and vermin. A medium-small dog with a rough coat that is considered hypoallergenic, the animals are known for being obedient, intelligent, fearless, even tempered and alert. While they make excellent family pets, their ratting instinct makes them susceptible to chasing cats and squirrels, if they're not discouraged.

There were also a number of working dogs that made the list. If you're curious who all made it, click on the link below.

Source: Cheat Sheet