Pet shelters aren't usually pretty places. They are underfunded and understaffed and usually look like places you'd like to get out of fast. But one thing that pets find in shelters are people who are there to care for them as best as they can.


Scott Poore finds IKEA products for shelter dogs

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One of these people, Scott Poore, above, volunteers at pet shelters in and around Kansas City nearly every day. He sees pets who are bone-thin, stressed-out, lonely, and many times, in pain.  Watching dogs sprawled out on dirty, old, wet sheets, or on a cold cement floor, really broke his heart. But one day, at an IKEA store, he found an item that he thought would help dogs sleep more comfortably and save the shelter time and money on laundry, as well.

It was a bathmat that Poore found at IKEA, one that is large, thick, and absorbent. "Wouldn't it be great if the dogs in the Great Plains SPCA could have these mats to sleep on?" Poore pondered. 

So Poore started a GoFundMe campaign, and within a few days, he raised more than $7500 from individuals, as well as $3000 donated by IKEA.  As of today, he's raised more than $11,000 of a $25,000 goal on GoFundMe, and he hopes to raise enough to provide these mats to all of the shelter pets in Kansas City.

"Why stop there?" Poore asked, once he reached his first goal to purchase mats for local pet shelters. 

Why indeed?  Maybe more of us find great ways to raise money to help shelter pets.  What's your idea?



As if it were not enough, volunteering his time and raising funds through a GoFundMe campaign is not the only way Scott Poore is donating to homeless pets.  His business, Adopt Don't Shop KC, a clothing business with shelter-friendly themes on its shirts and hats, sends a strong pro-adoption message, and Poore donates a percentage of its sales to pet shelters.

Here are some goodies from the shop!


Adopt Don't Shop KC cap


Adopt Don't Shop KC

Adopt Don't Shop, KC

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