The Humane Side Of Hurricane Harvey

While this planet has experienced the devastation of tens of thousands of hurricanes down through the ages, there’s virtually nothing man can do to prevent then from reoccurring. As a species, we can ascend the highest peaks, comb the depths of the ocean floor and catapult astronauts into space, but as long as we’ve been residents of terra-firma, we are no match for Mother Nature when she sends raging tempests our way.

So the best that can be done is to heed the call and act as far in advance as possible. It's during these trying times, we learn to take preventative measures to protect ourselves.

Our pets on the other hand may require outside assistance — and this is when the the generosity of others is so important. Fortunately, with Hurricane Harvey ravaging the Texan border, humane societies in the region are rising to the occasion.

Rescue Teams

The Humane Society of the United States [HSUS] and their rescue teams are diligently at work during this storm with local officials to help evacuate animals. So far, according to their reports, most coastal shelters in the threatened areas have evacuated a good percentage of the animals that reside there.

As of August 25, this initiative has assisted in moving 60 animals out of Corpus Christi shelters and into SPCA of Texas in Dallas, one of our Emergency Placement Partners — with many more relocations in progress.

Hot-lanta to the Rescue

The Atlanta Humane Society is working with their partners along the coast of Texas to also help their animals. By using their facilities to take in shelter animals, it is freeing up space for disaster victims in the immediate area.

"They [municipalities] reached out to us and we're happy to help,” Amanda Harris, with the Atlanta Humane Society, said.

"Animal shelters along the Gulf of Mexico are preparing for a huge number of cats and dogs displaced by flooding, so they need all the space they can get."

“So they can be close to their owners and have the best possible chance to be reunited with their families,” Harris told Johnson.

To help post-Harvey as well with lost or displaced pets, AHS is waiving adoption fees for one year.

Pets Alive

The San Antonio Pets Alive [SAPA] is also preparing to aid fellow shelters in the path of Harvey, which is expected to be the most severe hurricane in the U.S. since Katrina in 2005.

In order to prepare for the needs of housing pets displaced by the hurricane, SAPA is calling for foster volunteers and donations. "We really need the community to step up and help not only SAPA’s existing population," says Operations Director Clare Callison, "but the next round of animals who will be incoming to the city shelter.” For those who are in a position to assist financially, you can donate to SAPA here.

Be Prepared

Corpus Christi and other coastal cities in Texas have taken the strategic measure to consider animals in all of their emergency planning. This is most important as we it appears Hurricane Harvey will linger and may even circle back in the next couple of days. If folks and their pets have not evacuated yet, they need to learn what's available to them as they wait out the storm. Here are some useful tips.

This insight will be helpful for their current safety as well as future hurricanes yet to come — seeing that this is just the beginning of the 2017 hurricane season.

Primary Source: Humane Society of the United States