The Human Pet House is a people-sized and cat-eared indoor tent ideal for those who aren't kitten enough sleep at night.

Human Pet House Is A Pet Bed For Pet-Loving People

Some folks pamper their pets to the point where the fur-bearin' varmints are livin' the high life... and turning the rest of us green with jealousy. Count on Japan's Bibi Lab to turn those feelings of envy into paroxysms of joy, as seen in this overgrown indoor cat bed tent thingy called, for want of a better name, the “Human Pet House”.

“The Human Pet House by Bibi Lab transforms you into a cat,” according to the copy at Japan Trend Shop's product page. Good luck trying that one on your wife or mom when they catch you slacking off inside. We suggest that YOU suggest they try it, before you get exiled to the dog house.

Human Pet House Is A Pet Bed For Pet-Loving People

To quote Bibi Lab's own Google-translated copy, “Let's enjoy the chilling cat life at home.” It would seem there's a ready-made market hungering for exactly that: an online survey Bibi Lab conducted between December 29 of 2017 and January 8 of 2018 showed that a whopping 77.5% of respondents agreed with the statement “I think I want to be a cat.” Well, we think we've found their ideal bed.

This isn't rocket surgery, folks: the Human Pet House is basically a scaled-up version (like, six times the size) of Bibi Lab's cat-sized pet house. A pair of cat ears adds that dash of furry cosplay that's so de rigueur these days. Comfortable? You betcha! The Human Pet House includes a fitted fluffy stuffed floor cushion with a removable, washable cover. The whole kit & caboodle folds for ease of travel.

For more information and ordering instructions, please visit Japan Trend Shop or Bibi Lab's sale page at Amazon Japan.