This huge cat face car sunshade will ensure your car – and it's interior – will be much cooler this summer.      

Huge Cat Face Car Sunshade

Most modern car interiors are dressed in dark leather, fabrics and plastics that might look cool, but are anything BUT cool after your ride sits outside in the sun. What to do?

Here's one ingenious solution that offers added appeal for cat-owners and cat-lovers alike: throw some shade (in a good way) by sunlight-proofing your windshield. Addin' a heapin' helpin' of cat-personality in the form of this jumbo cat-face car sunshade is just icing on your cat food cake (yuk!).

Huge Cat Face Car Sunshade

Though auto sunshades come in an exhaustive range of styles, colors and patterns, this particular model caught our eye. A pair of enormous cat's eyes, along with a cute kitty face to complement those limpid peepers, tends to do that.

While we're not sure that installing this larger-that-life feline facemask will, to quote reviewer Keitoya-Nicole, “play a role in preventing pranks on cars”, nature is chock-a-block with creatures deploying super-sized eye-spots to dissuade possible predators. Seems legit so... we'll allow it!

Huge Cat Face Car Sunshade

The sunshade is made from OPP (oriented polypropylene), polyethylene, and aluminum. It measures 130cm wide by 70cm tall by 0.5cm thick, or roughly 51” by 27.5” by 0.2”. It attaches to the inside surface of a car, truck or other vehicle's windshield with two integral suction cups.

To store the sunshade, simply roll it up and secure it with an elastic band. For more information and ordering instructions, please visit the product page at Village Vanguard. (images via Minkara and Keitoya-Nicole)