Walking harnesses for dogs
Does your dog strain at the leash?


So, you’ve got a rambunctious pup that doesn’t always behave as you’d like when you’ve got him or her on a leash. Leash training is something that should be addressed when a dog is a puppy, but it can still be managed once they’ve passed into adulthood. All it takes is some time, patience and obedience lessons, at home or in a classroom setting. There are some products, however, that will lessen the time it takes your dog to acquire the necessary skills.

Easy Walk Harness


Easy Walk Harness


Walking harnesses are designed to not only keep pets safe from injury, but also to gently guide them into the behavior you’re trying to achieve. One of them is the Easy Walk Harness, and it discourages dogs from pulling, lunging and jumping. It can be used to teach dogs to heel, or in order to keep them under control at places like the vet’s and other situations where it’s important to maintain obedience.

Due to its design, the Easy Walk Harness gently guides your dog to the side, redirecting his or her attention back to you, whenever they pull. Resting firmly across the animal’s chest without the possibility of tightening at the throat, the devices are suitable for all breeds of dogs. Watch it here...


Halti Harness


Halti Harness


Another choice for leash training is the Halti Harness, which was designed by veterinarian Roger Mugford to stop dogs from pulling on their lead. Halti has a number of products, like the Halti HeadCollar, but they’re all geared toward achieving the same results: a smoother, tug-free walking experience. With the Halti Harness steering and redirecting are accomplished via the chest, like the Easy Walk Harness.

With the Halti, though, you end up with a continuous loop. That’s because the guide is clipped to the rear of the harness, on the animal's back, and then around front to the same loop that’s attached to the dog’s collar. This provides twice the steering power and makes it plain to your dog where you want them to go.



If you have time, watch the Dr. Dog video here to get some ideas for training your dog using the Halti dog harness.


Products like these are for the purpose of enhancing obedience training, not solely as a substitute for it. It’s important to work with your dogs regularly in their formative years. If you don’t have the time or patience for it, adopting an older dog that has already been trained is always an option.


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