Helping out your wild bird friends doesn’t stop just because you’re falling behind on your Christmas list, if anything, winter is the time of year for you to double down to feed our migrating feathered friends. I’ve pulled together some top tips to lend a hand to wild birds during these chilly months:



Since fruit and bugs are tough to come by, birds need nourishing seeds more than ever during the winter. It’s just as important to provide energy rich fatty foods, because your local birds will expend much more energy, while finding less food during the winter, so consuming the extra calories will help keep the little chirpers going strong. Don’t forget to place a water dish near the food, because even with the wet weather, birds still need a clean place to drink!





Some of the best snacks that wintertime nature fans can provide for wild birds include peanut butter, sunflower seeds, unsalted popcorn, millet seeds, suet, hulled peanuts, corn kernels and pumpkin seeds. If you want your feathered visitors to get the most out of your generous banquet, shovel away snow around the feeding area so stray seeds aren’t lost, consider planting bushes and trees that provide berries during the winter and keep birdhouses available to your guests all year to promote roosting behavior. Here’s hoping that your backyard is the best pit stop for both migrating and local birds this winter, and congratulations for being such a nice neighbor to your birdy buddies!

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