Fido's snarfed down his snausages so let's snap on some sausages! The Hot Dog Leash doesn't offer users or wearers any advantages over a boring, run-of-the-mill dog leash but it does offer everyone a heaping helping of tasteful fun!

Consisting of eight (count 'em, eight) plump, juicy, spicy imitation sausages linked together on a four-foot-long black leash, this so-called novelty item is no joke: it's engineered to be as safe, practical and durable as a standard dog leash.

A soft foam grip provides ergonomic, non-slip comfort for the pet-owner at one end while a sturdy metal swivel spring snap clip that attaches to a dog's collar at the opposite end. Owners are free to customize the weiners with yellow paint and grill marks if they so desire.

Unlike a leash made from REAL sausages, the Hot Dog Leash's faux franks have no scent nor will they be chewed to bits by any and all dogs, cats, crows and assorted wildlife that happen to get within drooling distance.

The original Hot Dog Leash from Kikkerland is available online at

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