Hungry as a horse? This GrabFood meal delivery “driver” and his noble steed are never too hot to trot when it comes to bringing take-out Pad Thai direct to your door.  

Horse & Rider Deliver Grub By The Gallop

GrabFood is a Malaysia-based meal delivery service that serves a number of southeast Asian nations including the Philippines. Indonesia, Singapore, Vietnam and Thailand. Standard practice with most such services is for drivers to deliver customers' orders via moped or other, similar small scooters.

Then there's this guy... a GrabFood “driver” based somewhere in Thailand whose “vehicle” doesn't use gas, it emits it... gas mileage may vary depending on twhat type of oats it eats.   

Horse & Rider Deliver Grub By The Gallop

Hopefully customers in the service area aren't hungry enough to EAT a horse – we're not talking Seabiscuit-style speed here. Check out this TikTok video at AmarinTV to get an idea of how meals were delivered before the invention of the internal combustion engine: it illustrates why it took so long for meal delivery to really hit its stride, so to speak.

Kudos to Facebook member Nung Nattapong Rungruang for bringing GrabFood's only – we assume – horseback meal delivery serviceman in action. No word on if the fashionably helmeted driver shares his tips with his ride... if not, he can expect his worst night mare.