A dog named Hook went far beyond his basic training to save Joyce Herman's life. This daring rescue of his owner earned him a position as one of the eight national finalists for the American Humane Association's "2016 Hero Dog Awards."

Hook Is A Special Service Dog

Named after the fictional character, Captain Hook, in the beloved children's classic, Peter Pan, this amazing little part Chihuahua and part Jack Russell Terrier mix saved the life of his hearing-impaired owner in the summer of 2016. He and his owner, Joyce Herman, were crossing an intersection in Sacramento when a rapid transit train suddenly came up behind them. Herman, who has only a 50% hearing capacity for outdoor sounds, did not hear or see the train approaching. Hook tried to warn her of the impending danger by jumping up and down, but to no avail.  He then used all twelve pounds of his force to tug her across the tracks and out of the path of the oncoming train. (See: Blind Man And Dog Fall Onto Subway Tracks.)


Hook, A Tiny Big Hero
Photo: Facebook/Joyce Herman


Hook's Actions Went Beyond His Basic  Training

Even days after his wife's close brush with death, Dan Herman was unable to fathom the enormity of Hook's behavior. While the therapy dog had received basic  command training, he was never instructed about how to take someone off the railroad tracks. He credits the dog's sharp intuition and quick response as the two key factors that saved the life of his wife. That immeasurable quantity of love and loyalty comprise most of the twelve pounds that Hook weighs. (See: Dog Saves Wedding Party From Suicide Bomber.)


Joyce Herman and Her Hero, Hook
Photo: Facebook/ Joyce Herman

Hook and service dogs like him are worth their weight in gold!

 Good job, Hook!

 Keep up the good work!

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Source: The Animal Rescue Site