Honey was only 5 months-old when she was faced with the very adult task of saving her owner's life after the SUV they were riding in rolled over and stuck upside down in an 80 foot-deep ravine. Follow this heroic tale of animal rescue.

This incident occurred a number of years ago. Real estate broker, Michael Bosch, was backing down his own driveway and slipped 50 feet down an 80-foot slope. Severely injured, he managed to release Honey whom he had adopted only two weeks earlier, from her harness and told her to go get help. (See: Half-Breed Wolf Saves Elderly Couple From Snowstorm.)


Sweet Honey
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Honey Is A Sweet Hero

Somehow, this lovable puppy knew to run for help, which she did. Her efforts attracted the attention of a passerby who was about half a mile away, and he followed the dog back to the scene of the accident. The man contacted authorities immediately, and rescue workers told the press that if it had not been for Honey, Bosch surely would have died. (See: Author Rescued By Service Dog Named Danny.)

A Difficult Rescue

Firefighters managed to remove Bosch from the car's interior after he was trapped for more than eight hours. They had to cut out sections of the vehicle in order to reach him. A helicopter promptly transported him to Santa Rose Memorial Hospital where he was treated for five broken ribs and leg injuries before he was brought to another facility. (See: Yogi The Hero Retriever Saves Owner From Accident.)

Honey Reunites With Grateful Owner At Hospital

According to the Marin Independent Journal, Honey was reunited with Michael Bosch in a hospital room at Kaiser Medical Center in San Rafael, California, a few days after the crash. After she was placed on the bed, she licked her owner's face and made herself comfortable within the folds of the bedding, preparing in her own doggy way, to stay a while. Bosch, who also suffered a heat attack, later told hospital staff, "all my pain went away." (See: Alice The Hero German Shepherd.)


Honey With Owner Michael Bosch
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A co-worker from Caldwell Banker named John Bennett visited Bosch in the hospital bearing gifts that included: Godiva chocolates, some dog biscuits and a stuffed toy super-hero dog complete with eye mask. He told the press that Bosch and Honey are the talk of the office. As far as Bosch is concerned, Honey is and always will be his sweet, adorable hero to whom he owes his life. (See: Black Lab Rescues Swimmer.)

Good job, Honey!

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