A so-called “cat-lift” constructed by a caring and clever cat-lover from Germany safely transports a pampered calico cat from upstairs to downstairs and back, all at the whim of the critter.

Homemade “Cat-Lift” Pet Elevator Carries Cute Calico Kitty In Style

First world cat problems, anyone? A certain calico cat not only has her owner at her back and call, she's got the obviously talented human to construct an automatic personal elevator for her (and her alone) to use!

The owner, who goes by the moniker “CrazyMrJohn” on You Tube, designed the cat-sized lift with both safety and convenience – for his cat and himself – in mind.    

Homemade “Cat-Lift” Pet Elevator Carries Cute Calico Kitty In Style

“The elevator is fully operated by the cat,” explains CrazyMrJohn, and “the cabin is fitted with an infrared catflap, only the domestic cat has access.” It's stated directly but one would assume the cat wears a portable transceiver on her collar, making operation of the lift exclusive to her and excluding unwanted hitchhikers such as raccoons or skunks.

By the way, if you're wondering how the cat gets back to her upstairs apartment, CrazyMrJohn states that “of course” the lift works in reverse as required. Check out the video to see the cat-lift in action: