A homeless, Russian stray cat saved the life of an abandoned infant by cuddling and covering his tiny body with her warmth and licking his face until help arrived.

Russia has always been known for its brutal and unrelenting winters. This fact makes it all the more horrible and incomprehensible that someone would leave an infant in the freezing hallway of an apartment complex during a period of below zero temperatures. In an ironic twist of fate, whoever abandoned the child left him with a bag containing  baby food and diapers, but absolutely no protection from the bitter, bone-chilling cold. if not for the grace and empathy of a homeless, loving and nurturing feline named Marsha, there is no question that the child would have frozen to death.

Marsha the stray and rescued baby


Marsha, the Mother Theresa of the Cat Kingdom

Marsha, a long-haired tabby, who lives in a box in the hallway of the apartment complex, discovered the twelve-week-old baby, and curled up next to him for several hours, keeping his warm. She tried to get help, meowing loudly. Her cries were eventually heard and residents came to her aid, thinking that she might have somehow injured herself.

One resident, Irina Lavrova, told Central European News, "Normally, she would come and say hello to me.  You can imagine my shock when I saw the cat lying in a box next to a baby licking his face." One television anchor from Russia's TV Zveda reported:"If the cat hadn't taken action, the baby wouldn't have had a chance."(See my article on war  dog legislation.)

Marsha was protective of the baby even after the paramedics arrived

In lifting the child into the ambulance, paramedics reported that Marsha wanted to come along and tried to jump inside. She also remained in the  road for several hours afterwards, and neighbors reported that they were certain Marsha was waiting for them to bring the baby back so she could continue to protect her tiny charge. According to the Moscow Times, doctors have deemed the infant healthy and unharmed, thanks to the efforts of one very special feline.

Marsha is now the queen of the hallway. Residents are showing her extra love and attention and spoiling her with many cat treats. Police are still searching for the baby's parents,but all around the apartment complex residents know who the best mother for this baby would be. So what if she has four legs? Heroes  come in all shapes, sizes, species and colors. Marsha, the long-haired tabby is one, and there is no doubt about that! (See the article on Bretagne.)

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