If you have to clean up a mess after your dog or cat eats, you're going to want to take a look at the Hoki Found Silicone Pet Food Mat.  It will make this one chore much easier for you.


Hoki Found Silicone Pet Mat

Hoki Found Silicone Pet Food Mat


I have used just about every size, shape, and material of mat under my pets water and food bowls, and not one of those other mats comes close to the performance of the Hoki Found Silicone Pet Food Mat.  And they are very affordable!

My cat's latest food mat was a stiff plastic with grooves to keep the water and food from spilling.  It was cute and functional but too much work for me. I had to scrub inside the grooves of that mat to remove the dropped food every time she ate. 

A carpet sample most recently served as my dog's 'place mat' because it matched the kitchen - an appropriate visual accommodation, but not a neat or healthy one. You can vacuum and scrub a carpet sample, but that doesn't give it the best cleaning, nor is it a simple task.


Hoki Found Silicone Pet Food Mat

Hoki Found Silicone Pet Food Mat in Gray


When I saw the Hoki Found, I decided both my pets were going to have one and I would have less cleaning to do.  And that has proven to be the case! The FDA food-approved silicone mat is the easiest thing to rinse off I've ever had - much better than the plastic ones. And (get this!) you can even put it in the dish washer. (The advertising promotes that, but I haven't had the need to do it.)

The Hoki Found comes in two sizes.  The one I have, (shown above) which is good for small to medium dogs, is approximately 11.5 x 18.5 inches.  The large size is 16 x 24 inches.  They are both FDA silicone and both very flexible and easily washed. But there is a minor difference in design.  The small to medium has a flat surface with a small lip around the outside of the mat to prevent spilling.  The larger mat (shown just below) has the outer lip, but the surface of the mat is nubbed ever so slightly to further prevent spilling if you have a big lapper!


Hoki Found Large Silicone Pet Food Mat

Hoki Found Large Silicone Pet Food Mat


The small to medium size comes in black and silver and has a Hoki Found logo and a pet paw in the lower right corner; both colors are pretty sharp.  The larger Hoki Found Pet Food Mat doesn't have a logo or a pet paw (What happened to the design element in this version?!), but still does its functional best to beat out other pet mats.

And the mats just roll up when you want to store them.


Hoki Found Silicone Pet Food Mat

Hoki Found Silicone Pet Food Mat


I can't speak for the large Hoki Found Pet Mat, but the regular size works for both my cat and dog, and especially for me!


That's the buzz for today!

Lady Bee


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