theChive animal bios
Image: theChive Facebook


If you're on Facebook, you've probably seen this already, because it's been making the rounds, but theChive posted a piece entitled Animal Bios about six months back that was LOL hilarious in its depiction of animals mirroring humans. They are so spot-on you'll be silently congratulating the architect of this incredibly accurate animal humor piece.

People/Pet Parodies

Taking a jab at people, not pets, the bios list names and ages along with their pictures. The descriptions are great, but it's the images of the animals that coincide with each bio and the costumes plus backdrops that are flippin perfection.

Parallel Universe

Due to their accuracy in matching the animal to the human persona, the stylized look and the dialogue, you can't help but appreciate the thought that went into each of the bios and the observant eye of the writer or individuals that assembled them. Talk about insight.

Pictures of Dogs

All of the animals depicted are dogs, probably because they're easier to manipulate. There are 30 pictures in all, and each and everyone of them is funny in its own way. The best part is you're almost guaranteed to either know someone personally that one of these bios fits, or you know the type from your own life experiences.


Some favorites are Broderick, 45, sax player, wears driving gloves, only carries $100 bills, has cane for literally no reason, favorite saying "hey baby," or Keri, 24, has $170 sandals, walks barefoot, has a Live, Laugh, Love sign in her room, sells daisy chains on Etsy. My personal favorite is Hank, 47, wicked swing dancer & great fun at weddings, but you wouldn't let him babysit your kids. Hank's pompadour is absolutely priceless!


dog shaming
Dog shamed pug that poops rainbows (image: Facebook U.K.)

Dog Shaming

If it's possibly, these are every bit as funny, if not funnier, than the hysterical dog shaming collections that have become so popular on the Internet. We don't have authorization to use all of the photos from the bios, but you can view the piece in its entirety at theChive link above. I promise you you won't be sorry.