Make Easter morning extra special for your kids this year with the help
of Barney the Bunny Beagle. Press his paw and he'll go hunting for all
those Easter eggs.

 Barney the Bunny BeagleBarney the Bunny Beagle

This adorable plush toy is totally into Easter and is wearing his bunny ears and a pink bow to prove it. He is apparently totally secure in his masculinity as well. It's not every dog that can handle being pretty in pink.

Parents be forewarned, Barney plays music and makes noises so he may drive you nuts. On the other hand, at least the batteries are included. And there is an off switch. 

This toy could make you the most rockin' Easter Bunny in all Christendom this year. To order a Barney the Bunny Beagle for your child, click here.

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